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Your Phone Lines Could be Vulnerable


It's true; phone lines are the most vulnerable part of a monitored security system. While most thieves are smart enough to know that it is unwise to break in to a building protected by a security system, there will always be those who are bolder.

If a burglar cuts your building's power or there is an area loss, security systems have a backup power supply to keep your system operating during the outage. Your telephone lines, on the other hand, don't have any type of backup. Some thieves know this and may cut your phone lines in an effort to prevent your security system from communicating with the central monitoring station.

What you may not know is that there are two options you can pursue to help prevent this vulnerability.

The first option, you can pursue, is available if your phone lines enter your property from underground. Normally, the phone company places your Telephone Network Interface outside, even if your phone lines are buried. However, if your lines are underground, you can pay the phone company to have them move your Telephone Network Interface inside, behind the protection of your security system. Of course, this option still leaves the possibility that someone could dig to find your phone lines, but in most situations a thief is not going to take the extra time involved to do so, making this a good preventative measure for people with underground phone lines.

The second option will work regardless of how your phone lines enter into your property. This option involves the installation of an additional piece of equipment (pictured at right) to your alarm system. When installed, the equipment actually 'backs up' your phone line with cellular service. This cellular backup can transmit a signal to the central station if your phone line is cut and then transmit all the alarm signals that follow. The unit will require an initial installation cost, and an extra monthly charge (Subject to cellular availability in your area).

By knowing your options and pursuing the solution that is best for you, you can eliminate phone line security vulnerability.

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